Operations, Surge and Support to Country Clusters

This includes support to country clusters to ensure effective coordination functions on the ground through visits and/or the provision of additional staff (i.e. Rapid Response Team (RRT) members or standby partners). Note: The GNC will focus its support to country clusters on coordination functions. Where there is a gap in The GNC will focus its capacity development efforts on skills most relevant to cluster coordination at the country level. Where there is a gap in technical guidance or technical capacity, the GNC-CT will share details of existing resources and mechanisms and will advocate for partners with this capacity to fill and/or address these gaps.


The objectives of this pillar are

1) To ensure effective, augmented nutrition coordination/IM support for emergency response
2) To enable country cluster staff to access required technical support

Expected results

• Increased number of standby partners with capacity in nutrition, coordination and IM
• Increased number of CMAM, IYCF and Nutrition Assessment readily available for surge support
• Increased deployment of individuals to support country clusters at strategic times
• Decreased number of nutrition cluster staffing gaps
• Continuous funding of the RRT
• Functional alert system for deteriorating nutrition situations in countries

Priority activities

Objective 1

• Maintain eight to ten Standby Partner (SBP) staff who have the capacity to provide nutrition coordination and IM surge support
• Deploy trained surge NCC/IMOs to country clusters to fulfill core cluster functions
• Advocate for and secure funding for RRT function (four NCCs and two IMOs)
• Support country clusters in the development of mid and long-term HR transition plans for cluster coordination/information management from surge
• Support the Cluster Performance Monitoring exercise at country level where needed
• Establish a system for systematically flagging the countries with potential deterioration of nutrition status
• Conduct evaluation of the RRT. Objective 2
• Establish surge technical capacity in IYCF-E, Nutrition Assessment and CMAM (2 IYCF-E, 1 NAs and 1 CMAM)


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