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Training and capacity building is a key area of work for both the Global Nutrition Cluster and Nutrition Clusters at national and sub-national levels within crisis-affected countries. A well-coordinated and comprehensive response to education needs in humanitarian crises relies on practitioners having relevant technical skills and training to respond effectively in the midst of challenging circumstances.

If you are planning to provide a training to cluster partners or other actors, these training and capacity building documents will provide you with rich resources and materials that can be adapted to your context and audience.

If you are interested in developing your own capacity, you will find several E-Learning opportunities on this page, as well as contact information for further guidance on trainings offered by the Global Nutrition Cluster partners. Alternatively, discuss with your national Cluster Coordinator if you are a cluster partner in a country served by a Nutrition Cluster.

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13 Responses to “Training Packages”

  1. joana says:

    I would likt to accest to the GNC Training Package for Cluster COORDINATORS 2014.
    I am currently dealing at my organiztion with Cluster coordination and it will be very helpfull for me. Will you be able to provide me with the materials since acces via your website is not possible at the moment

    thank you in advance
    Joana Triana


    how do i get enroll for this course ,yet i thought my details has to be captured first

  3. Nelofar says:

    Hello there

    I am trying to retrieve STP module 3 but not having very much luck. Please advise how to access the module.



  4. lanre says:

    please, when is SMART survey Manager Training going to place and the location ?
    thanks for your early reply.

    • Ayadil Saparbekov says:

      Dear Ianre,

      For the schedule of the SMART surveys’course, please kindly visit the SMART website. We do not administer those.

      Thank you
      GNC Coordination Team


    Sana’a – Yemen
    July 16-20, 2017

    Please submit the completed application by May 11th, 2017 to

    Section 1: Personal Information
    a. Family Name : Al-khawlani
    b. First Name : Fahd
    c. Gender (M/F) : M
    d. Primary Email Address (work email):

    Secondary Email Address (personal email):

    e. Telephone Numbers (Including country code)
    Work :idon’t have Mobile: 00967777196316 Skype ID :
    Section 2: Employment Information
    a. What organisation do you currently work for and in what location (ie state and country):
    with Save the children ( SCI) in Yemen – Amran office

    b. What is your current role and when did you start in this role: I am working IYCF Project officer
    I started in the position from 12 Sep 2015 I still with them

    c. Current responsibilities (please include your managerial and technical responsibilities/roles):

    d. The programs I currently support target the following populations: (Please check the appropriate boxes to the right) IDP ☐ Refugee ☐ Host Community ☐
    Other ☐ Describe: ____________

    e. Please describe the kind of IYCF-E activities you currently implement. (If relevant please share previous IYCF-E experience as well):

    Section 3: Education and Training
    a. Highest education level achieved:
    b. Please list any relevant training you have completed:

    Section 4: Motivation

    a. Why do you want to participate in this training and how do you foresee the content of this course enabling you to work more effectively?


    I declare that I have obtained Supervisor approval to attend this course and that my Supervisor is aware of the expected commitment.

    I agree to commit to the whole training programme including working during some evenings, attending every session within the training and engaging fully throughout the program.

    I have a sound written and oral command of the English Language.

    Please confirm that you agree to the above declaration
    (please check Yes or No): Yes ☐ No ☐



    Part 2 – To be completed by the Supervisor

    Section 1 – Details of Applicant
    Name of applicant:
    Section 2 – Details of Supervisor
    Name of Supervisor:
    Section 3 – Recommendation
    Please outline why you think the applicant is suitable for the course and how you expect the candidate to apply learning from the course.

    Section 4 – Declaration

    I understand the commitments that my employee will need to make should this application be successful.
    (Please check Yes or No): Yes ☐ No ☐


  6. Victoria Hamman says:

    please how can enroll and be part of your trainings

    • Ayadil Saparbekov says:

      Dear Victoria,

      Please see our EVENTS page to see which partners organise technical Nutrition in Emergencies trainings.

      Thank you,
      GNC-Coordination Team


    i am currently working with Action Against hunger,i will be grateful if material will be provided for me as an IYCF OFFICER.

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