Minimum requirements for market analysis in emergencies (CaLP)

November 4, 2014

The Minimum Requirements for market analysis in emergencies builds upon work already undertaken relating both to market analysis (CaLP research ‘Markets in Emergencies’) and standard setting and answers this question: “What is the minimum market analysis required at various stages of the project cycle?”

The Minimum Requirements have been developed on the understanding that ultimately market assessments should guide response analysis and programme design. The requirements however do not presuppose that any given type of intervention is preferred and have therefore been developed in view of catering to a wide range of possible interventions. The guidance limits itself to the issues that are key to market assessments, and does not cover certain considerations that may also be critical to a complete response analysis.

The Minimum Requirements are not an assessment and analysis tool, but can be used in conjunction with any existing tool(s) that organisations are using. Take a look at the presentation used at the launch events in 2013.

Based on feedback from users a review of the Minimum Requirements is envisaged for November 2013. Users of this document are encouraged to share their opinion via a series of questions available here.

Alternatively, please contact the CaLP team, with ‘Minimum Requirements’ in the subject line, at

In order to see whether or not the minimum requirements have been met, Annex 1 includes a checklist that should be referred to at each stage of the process. Space is provided to explain issues that have arisen which may have prevented the MRs from being met. Organisations may wish to use this checklist on a regular basis and compare one assessment to the next to see the changes in the number of MRs being achieved. This may also allow for the identification of gaps if specific MRs are continually not being met.

Annex 1 can be found on page 32 of the full MRs, or can be downloaded separately for an easier use.

Minimum requirements for market analysis in emergencies (CaLP)
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