Report on the position of the GNC on providing technical support to country clusters

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Technical role GNC

This report aims to inform decision making around what the technical role of the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) should be. This is in direct response to a specific request after the March 2015 annual meeting to find a way of addressing issues of operational nutrition in emergency areas for which there is no existing normative guidance. Participants confirmed that the GNC collective have a role in engaging in Nutrition in Emergencies (NiE) technical issues and that there was a need to specify this role more clearly. This report provides an overview of how country nutrition clusters are organised to identify and address technical issues and to deal with technical gaps using both in-country and external expertise.  A specific set of recommendations are included for members of the GNC Task Force on the Technical Role of the GNC Collective that is due to be convened by the GNC-Coordination Team (GNC-CT).

The findings are based on a secondary data review; an online survey for Nutrition Cluster Coordinators (NCCs) and Information Management Officers (IMOs); a country consultation visit to Mali, and remote consultations with Myanmar and Turkey/Syria; 31 key informant interviews; and a consultation session during the GNC annual meeting in Nairobi in October 2015.

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