Nutrition Module of the DHIS 2

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Anna Ziolkovska, Deputy GNC Coordinator, attended Global Consultation on a Core Standardized Set of Nutrition Administrative Indicators and DHIS2 Nutrition Module in Bangkok from 12-15 November 2019.

UNICEF HQ in close collaboration with regional and country offices and global technical partners are leading an initiative to develop a standard core set of nutrition data elements and indicators to support countries to improve administrative (programme) nutrition data availability and quality for enhanced nutrition programme monitoring and reporting.  In addition, building on the experience of using DHIS2 which is a free, open source software increasingly used by national health management information systems (HMIS) to collate and report on health and nutrition data in many countries, this project will also develop an accompanying standard Nutrition Module for DHIS2.  This standard DHIS2 Nutrition module will be part of the package of DHIS2 modules developed under the broad umbrella of the Health Data Collaborative.

The workshop was attended by 60 participants from country and global level and one of the five main streams of the discussion was related to the emergency reporting. It was a general agreement of all participants that there should not be a separate module for Nutrition in Emergencies, but rather a “standard” nutrition module should be able to accommodate some additional needs (such as a limited number of additional indicators as needed). The group has identified the main challenges with emergency reporting in the DHIS 2 and proposed solutions.

As a way forward with the emergency module in DHIS 2, a follow up consultation will be held between the UNICEF, DHIS 2 development team and the GNC, that will be represented in the discussions by the NIS Global Thematic Working Group under the GTAM.


Nutrition Module of the DHIS 2
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