New publications from ACF

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We would like to share with you two recent publications from ACF:

ð  A briefing note on ACF Health approach: The fundamentals of the health and nutrition alignment where concretely explains ACF’s vision on aligning nutrition and health.  ACF promotes a comprehensive approach to women’s and children’s health to maximizes the impact in the fight against undernutrition. They aim to improve access to a priority package of health and nutrition activities while also strengthening the health system to ensure long-term viability of the changes put in place.  ACF-health-approach-2017.pdf (120 downloads)

ð  The new version of ACF’s health system strengthening guide (from diagnosis to planning): Since 2014 the first version was piloted in more than 12 countries and improved the global approach and particularly elements related to resilience building and the planning section.  ACF-HSS-GUIDE-2017-LD.pdf (146 downloads)



New publications from ACF
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