Just published: UNICEF/GNC review on Supporting Humanitarian Cluster/Sector Coordination Transition

Categories: News / Comments OffPosted on: January 20, 2017


We are pleased to share the report of the joint UNICEF Programme Division/Nutrition – Global Nutrition Cluster review on Supporting Humanitarian Cluster/Sector Coordination Transition: Strengthening-Nutrition-Humanitarian-Action-Phase-2-final-report.pdf (86 downloads)

The purpose of this review was to inform UNICEF Headquarters (HQ), Regional Office (RO), Country Offices (CO), and the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) and Cluster partners on how the transition of cluster coordination structures into national coordination platforms can be strengthened. The review recommends a set of actions in terms of key investments for UNICEF and partners in promoting transition (pre, during and post emergency) to strengthen national coordination platforms for nutrition, including the development of nutrition coordination model.

We will continue to discuss the recommendations and how to follow-up on implementing them jointly with UNICEF Programme Division/ Nutrition and amongst the Cluster partners, including during our forthcoming Annual Working Meeting in Beirut. We will also ensure that the report and its recommendations inform the development of our new Strategy and the workplan, which is currently on-going.

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