What is the Inter-Cluster page and how does it work?

The inter-cluster page aims at strengthening and improving the exchange of information between the UNCIEF-led Clusters and other Clusters/Areas of Responsibility (AoR). It is an interface common to all UNICEF(co)-led Clusters/AoR and is managed through the inter-cluster content management system and shared repository. It is a space where Cluster/AoR content managers can quickly share content across web-platforms. They can also emphasize the outreach of information that is particularly relevant to other UNICEF(co)-led Clusters/AoR.  Cross-cutting issues, joint initiatives and all the updates on the work that is being carried out at Global inter-agency level as well as from a field perspective, is systematically promoted on this page.

How is it stuctured?

This space is structured in two distinct sections. On the right hand side you can see the inter-cluster repository, which is a set of agreed key resources and guidelines at inter-agency level. The other section is dedicated to news and updates that are shared amongst UNICEF(co)-led Global Cluster/Areas of Responsibility websites.

This is an opportunity to highlight important pieces of work both at global and field level and to share them on other Global Cluster/AoR pages. You can therefore submit content or ask any question through the commenting section at the bottom or by contacting directly:

What can other Clusters or any interested users contribute and get from this page?

Other clusters are also encouraged to share information and updates to this system. They can send any relevant update or resource directly to Users from other Clusters and broader humanitarian entities are also encouraged to subscribe to the RSS feed from this page or to subscribe to our weekly digest here.

Below is the full list of resources related to this section, please go to  Inter-Cluster/AoR Resources to see how those are structured and categorised.


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