Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies Technical Advisor ,Tech RRT

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Job Title:Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies Technical Advisor
Place of Work:GlobalShort term consultancies up to 8 weeks at a time
Reports to:Tech RRT Program Manager
Line management responsibility:No
Budget Responsibility:No




The Nutrition Technical Rapid Response Team (Tech RRT) is a partnership between International Medical Corps, Save the Children and Action Against Hunger working in close collaboration with the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) and UNICEF, funded by USAID/OFDA. The goal of the Tech RRT is to improve and strengthen the technical quality of programs and assessments for improved nutrition outcomes of affected populations in emergencies and protracted crisis situations. Tech RRT Advisors are deployed for up to 8 weeks to help support the nutrition response in countries facing crisis.


The Tech RRT is looking to develop a roster of IYCF-E Advisors that are on standby and able to deploy within 72 hours for assignments up to 8 weeks to Level 3 (major) emergencies as a priority and to Level 2 (medium) emergencies as needed. When deployed, the IYCF-E Advisor will provide senior leadership and be responsible for improving the delivery of IYCF-E responses in rapid onset and protracted emergencies globally, through in country deployments to governments, nutrition clusters, the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC), and local and international non-government organisations.


The IYCF-E Advisor’s main responsibility is to improve in country capacity for the IYCF-E response by conducting trainings, facilitating the incorporation of IYCF indicators into assessments, developing IYCF priority interventions in consultation with in country partners, and integrating IYCF-E into all relevant sectors including nutrition, health, mental health, WASH, food security and livelihoods, child protection, and education. He or she will also provide support on the appropriate use and management of Breast Milk Substitutes (BMS), develop preparedness plans and/or plans for scale up.


Some of the main responsibilities when deployed include:


  1. Ensure adequate coordination for IYCF-E is in place through either establishing and leading or providing substantial support to the IYCF-E technical working group
  2. Lead IYCF-E assessments and advocate for inclusion of IYCF-E in multi sector rapid assessments
  3. Support country nutrition clusters to develop an IYCF-E strategy and mapping as required (BMS, partners)
  4. Design appropriate and evidence based IYCF-E response plans
  5. Facilitate and guide monitoring of the Code, tracking and reporting BMS violations, advise on appropriate use or disposal of confiscated BMS, and advocacy for adherence to global standard for appropriate infant feeding in emergencies
  6. Advocate for prioritization of the most vulnerable: orphans or unaccompanied infants, the non-breastfed child, new-borns, infants affected by HIV and AIDS
  7. Assess capacity building needs across partners and develop a plan for meeting these; conduct Training of Trainers (TOTs) for Ministries, train field workers/first responders, hold orientations for stakeholders
  8. Provide logistical advice (supplies for Mother Baby Areas, BMS kits, Breast Feeding kits)
  9. Integrate IYCF-E into current, new, or scaled up nutrition activities: CMAM, micronutrients
  10. Advise on integration with other sectors (WASH, Food Security and Livelihoods, Child Protection, Health)
  11. Work with other Tech RRT advisors to develop relevant IYCF-E messages and behaviours to focus on during emergency assessments and response
  12. Design M&E tools and indicators
  13. Monitor and evaluate IYCF-E activities, including supervise quality of BF assessments, re-lactation, BMS programming, BCC such as one to one counselling
  14. Determine need for scale up, brief donors and advocate for adequate resource allocation. Lead the development of proposals and budgets to seek adequate funding for IYCF-E
  15. Support and develop government capacity in IYCF-E




Experience and technical competencies:

  • Proficiency in two languages – English is essential as well as another international language. Proficiency in French is highly desirable, or knowledge of another language such as Arabic or Spanish ***FRENCH SPEAKERS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO APPLY***
  • Master’s degree in nutrition or Public Health or equivalent
  • Substantial experience and a track record of success in delivering high quality humanitarian IYCF-E programmes
  • Demonstrated experience in designing and leading IYCF-E assessments
  • Strong skills in coordination and the ability to work effectively with a range of stakeholders, including nutrition clusters, partners and the Ministry of Health
  • Highly developed writing skills – both at a programmatic level (assessment reports, proposals) and a policy level (policy papers, guidance notes)
  • Strong communications skills (both written and verbal) at a level appropriate for high-level external representation (lobbying, presentations)
  • Ability to analyse diverse information and develop recommendations for an appropriate response to emergencies
  • Demonstrated capacity in delivering high quality training in IYCF-E
  • Ability to travel at short notice, to potentially remote and insecure locations

To apply

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Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies Technical Advisor ,Tech RRT
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