Strategic Advisory Group

A Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) provides strategic support to the GNC-CT to guide direction of GNC affairs. The SAG is composed of representatives from two GNC partners, one Nutrition Cluster Coordinator, and UNICEF programmes.

The current SAG (since April 2016):

  • Ms. Victoria Sauveplane representing ACF
  • Ms. Caroline Wilkinson representing UNHCR;
  • Ms. Ruth Situma, representing UNICEF (standing member);
  • Ms. Carmel Dolan, representing ENN;
  • Ms. Caroline Abla, representing International Medical Corps;
  • Mr. Anteneh Gebremichael, cluster coordinator of Sudan representing cluster coordinators.

The SAG works alongside the GNC- CT. The SAG:

  • Provides strategic support to the GNC-CT to guide direction of GNC affairs
  • Commits to working in fulfillment of the activities outlined in the annual meeting
  • Supports the GNC-CT in monitoring the progress on the GNC Work Plan

The current SAG ToR is available here.

The SAG has monthly meetings via teleconference on the second Wednesday of each month. Ad-hoc meetings are need based and scheduled when necessary.


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