Strategic Advisory Group

A Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) provides strategic support to the GNC-CT to guide direction of GNC affairs. The SAG is composed of representatives from GNC partners: three NGO partners and three UN agencies (UNICEF and WFP are standing members) and one Nutrition Cluster Coordinator.

The current SAG members were elected in April 2017 and their term will expire in March 2018:

  • Ms. Megan Gayford, representing Save the Children-UK;
  • Mr. Nicolas Joannic, representing UN WFP (standing member);
  • Ms. Ruth Situma, representing UNICEF (standing member);
  • Ms. Carmel Dolan, representing ENN;
  • Ms. Suzanne Brinkmann, representing International Medical Corps;
  • Mr. Anteneh Gebremichael, Nutrition Cluster Coordinator of Sudan, representing cluster coordinators and IMOs.

The SAG works alongside the GNC- CT. The SAG:

  • Provides strategic support to the GNC-CT to guide direction of GNC affairs
  • Commits to working in fulfillment of the activities outlined in the annual meeting
  • Supports the GNC-CT in monitoring the progress on the GNC Work Plan

The current SAG ToR is available here (334 downloads) (updated April 2017).

The SAG has monthly meetings via teleconference on the second Wednesday of each month. Ad-hoc meetings are need based and scheduled when necessary.


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