GNC-CT Support to South Sudan

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Since activation of the Level-3 emergency in South Sudan, the Global Nutrition Cluster Coordination Team (GNC-CT) has been providing operational, remote and surge support to the National Nutrition Cluster. From February to August 2014, Ayadil Saparbekov, GNC Deputy Coordinator, completed three field missions to Juba to support and strengthen the cluster’s role in effectively coordinating nutrition response. These missions resulted in re-profiling the National Nutrition Cluster’s role and the structure to ensure that the cluster effectively delivers against its six core functions and the AAP, development of the plan of action following the Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM) exercise and bringing nutrition back on the top of the agenda of humanitarian community in South Sudan.

During the period of March to July 2014, all five GNC RRTs (three cluster coordinators and two information management officers) were deployed to South Sudan. The role of the RRTs was to provide gap-filling support to the South Sudan Nutrition Cluster, as Cluster Coordinators at national and sub-national levels and as IMOs, whilst the recruitment of a dedicated long-term coordinator and an IMO was on-going. During their deployments, the GNC RRTs continued to strengthen the role of the cluster, following up and implementing the CCPM Action Plan, updating and revising the South Sudan Crisis Response Plan and the Cluster Scale-up Plan , developing the cluster IM tools and monitoring framework and managing two CHF allocation processes. The RRTs also supported the consolidation and dissemination of nutrition surveys results validated by the Nutrition Information Technical Working Group, provided support to partners on development of on-going situation analysis for strategic decision-making and update of nutrition cluster geographic prioritisation tool and ensured the inclusion of priority cross-cutting issues (protection, gender and HIV/AIDS) into South Sudan’s nutrition cluster strategy, as reflected in revised CRP June 2014. The RRTs continue to provide remote support to the National Nutrition Cluster Team.

In July-August 2014, Josephine Ippe, the GNC Coordinator was on a three-week mission in Juba to provide strategic support to the cluster. Her mission resulted in development of a clear set of recommendations on  operationalisation of the cluster’s scale-up plan, on improvement of assessments and analysis for targeting and scale-up of nutrition interventions, as well as on coordination capacities of the cluster team. Josephine also participated in the Global Cluster Coordinator’s mission  to South Sudan that took place 31 July-7 August 2014.

The profile of nutrition is currently high in South Sudan. The nutrition cluster coordination team needs support to deal with a large-scale increase in the nutrition response, increased partner/donor/OCHA engagement and requests, and to prepare for the up-coming August IPC analysis. Partners, donors and cluster lead agency need to work together swiftly to ensure bottlenecks in terms of supplies and logistics are adequately tackled.

The main constraints to increased scale-up of nutrition activities in South Sudan seem to be threefold: (i) logistical constraints with regards to on-the-ground access, flooding, remote populations, lack of airstrips, lack of boats, lack of vehicles and fuel to carry out and support the smooth running of nutrition activities, (ii) fragile pipeline of supplies meaning that stock-outs with increased caseloads and delayed ETAs may occur, (iii) difficulties in the timely recruitment of sufficient international nutrition technical expertise to ensure rapid scale-up and quality of services.

The GNC-CT continues to provide its operational support to South Sudan Nutrition Cluster. The next mission of the GNC-CT member is planned from 24 August to 05 September 2014 when the newly recruited national Cluster Coordinator will be on-board. The GNC-CT also plans to build the capacity of the cluster through delivery of the cluster coordinators training, day-to-day remote support and mentoring.

GNC-CT Support to South Sudan
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