Eight weeks GNC RRT deployment to strengthen IM systems in Myanmar

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Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) received a request from Myanmar on 24th June 2019 to support in strengthening the Information Management (IM) systems for the nutrition sector.  The request was approved and the Nutrition Cluster Coordinator (NCC) Rapid Response Team (RRT), Faith Nzioka, was therefore deployed for 8 weeks from 8th August to 4th October 2019 based in Yangon. The RRT main priority was to build the capacity of the new nutrition sector IMO and work together to set up IM functions for the sector. To understand and set up the IM priorities for the nutrition sector, a desk review of existing products and tools was conducted. This exercise determined what was available and what was not working well. The results and the proposed improvements were adequately disseminated to sector partners as well as UNICEF as Cluster Lead agency.

The immediate IM needs that were achieved during the deployment include:

  1.        Standardization of indicators, tools and procedures.
  2.        Adoption of revised tools and systems by the sector partners.
  3.        IM Capacity development for the national IMO and partners
  4.        Development of dashboards and maps based on the available information
  5.        Supported development of 2020 HNO/HRP

The request by Myanmar for technical support through the GNC RRT was deemed appropriate to support effective coordinated response. Although the GNC RRT mechanism prioritizes support to L3 emergencies, the support to build the capacity of the new IMO and set up of IM systems in Myanmar was similarly important and thus demonstrated the GNC commitment in providing technical support to country level clusters/sectors when capacity and resources allow. Clear handover to the Nutrition Sector coordination team on the IM functions was done and the GNC RRT will continue to support Myanmar team remotely on issues that they may need support.


Eight weeks GNC RRT deployment to strengthen IM systems in Myanmar
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