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Report of the Global Nutrition Cluster Scoping Mission to Ukraine, 2015

Categories: News / RRT News / No CommentsPosted on: March 16, 2015

Following the crisis in Ukraine, the cluster system was activated to facilitate the coordination of the humanitarian response better, and with the Nutrition cluster being part of the Food Security and Nutrition (FS&N Cluster) Cluster led by WFP and co-led by UNICEF. However, in January 2015, a Nutrition staff of UNCIEF office who was co-leading …

Ethiopia Cluster Coordination Performance Final Report, 2015

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 The CCPM report provides the findings of the Cluster Performance Monitoring and allows the reporting of good practices, constraints and action points that will be identified and agreed upon by the cluster during the revision of the preliminary report. The Global Nutrition Cluster, led by Ayadil Saparbekov, supported facilitation of the process by managing the …

Open Review Of Coverage Methodologies: Coverage Monitoring Network: March 2015

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In mid-2014, the Coverage Monitoring Network coordinated an independent, participatory review of the three (3) available coverage methodologies; Semi-Quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SQUEAC), Simplified LQAS Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SLEAC) and Simple Spatial Survey Method (S3M). The CMN commissioned this review in order to increase understanding, ownership and uptake of the different methodologies. The document was produced by …

New GNC RRT Nutrition Cluster Coordinator

Categories: RRT News / No CommentsPosted on: March 11, 2015

Dear Colleagues: Please be informed that as of 01 March 2015, the GNC has a new member of the Rapid Response Team, Nutrition Cluster Coordinator seconded by the Save the Children-UK – Mr. Jemal Seid Mohamed. Jemal is a senior Emergency Response Personnel and has 10-year humanitarian nutrition experience with different NGOs including GOAL and …

Summer internship with “Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy” students

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For reading the CV’s and cover letters, please click here: Tufts students 2015 possible intern

Infographics on the World Health Assembly targets by 2025

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infogr The World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with 1,000 Days, has developed a series of six policy briefs linked to each of the World Health Assembly (WHA) nutrition targets, which were endorsed in 2012. These policy briefs seek to provide essential guidance to national and local policymakers regarding actions to scale in order to achieve …

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New GNC Rapid Responce Team member hired

Categories: News / RRT News / 1 CommentPosted on: January 21, 2015

grace Grace Omondi has been hired as a new Rapid Response Team (RRT) Nutrition Cluster Coordinator for the GNC. Grace holds a BSc in Family and Consumer Sciences majoring in Nutrition.  She is an emergency nutritionist who has 8 years’ experience in capacity building, project management in emergencies, refugee, conflict and drought settings. She worked in different capacities …

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Lessons Learned from South Sudan Nutrition Cluster

Categories: News / No CommentsPosted on: January 12, 2015

SS GNC and national Nutrition Clusters undertook a lessons learned exercise, during which clusters prepared reports on their lessons learned by each cluster core function, accountability to affected population and cluster management arrangements. The reports look at clusters working arrangements around the key coordination functions while at the same time highlight the challenges clusters experience. The reports have …

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GNC Bulletin – December 2014

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Capture For reading the latest issue of the GNC Bulletin featuring the GNC Annual Meeting, please click here: GNC_Update_06_Final 16 Dec 2014


2015 GNC Working Meeting: 17-18 March 2015

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The 2015 GNC Working (Face-to-Face) Meeting was held in Geneva on 17-18 March 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland. The former SAG members and those new SAG members who were be elected before the GNC Working Meeting stayed for one additional day on Thursday, 19 March 2015 for hand-over and induction. Over 30 people gathered for the GNC …


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