ACF organised a Research for Nutrition two days conference in Paris #R4Nut

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On November the 20th and 21st of 2019, The GNC Helpdesk for Technical Support in Nutrition in Emergencies, Yara Sfeir, the GNC Help Desk for Integration, Danka Pantchova, and the Cash Advisor, Andre Durr, attended the two days Research for Nutrition Conference organised by ACF in a zero waste, eco-friendly venue with a kitchen garden north east of Paris.

The research conference entitled: “The Continuum of Undernutrition Prevention and Treatment: Sharing Current Scientific Evidence” focused the first day on comprehensive, child centred approaches to undernutrition, new horizons for monitoring and diagnosing undernutrition, and primary prevention of undernutrition. The second day, the focus was on treatment of undernutrition and tackling the life course of undernutrition through a family approach.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation by Trenton Daily-Chwalibog and Rayhan Mostak on the preliminary results of the multi-centric OptiDiag study led by Action Contre la Faim France research team. The study compares biochemical markers such as leptin to anthropometric measurements of severely acutely malnourished (SAM) children in three countries. The results showed that biochemical markers of SAM children detected by either WH< -3 Z score or MUAC <115mm were equally worrying. Those SAM children showing greater risk or vulnerability were those who had both WH<-3 Z score and MUAC<115mm.

Another interesting research presented by Antoine Maillard, ALIMA, points to the need to review the current composition of the F75 and F100 products as per the results of an observational study conducted in Niger, Chad and Nigeria.

Many more interesting research results or preliminary results were also presented as you can see from the agenda of the research for nutrition conference. Stay tuned for when the conference minutes come out, they will be posted on this website.


ACF organised a Research for Nutrition two days conference in Paris #R4Nut
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