2015 GNC Annual meeting

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GNC Logo Final_earth Date: 13-15 October 2015
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

The 2015 GNC Annual meeting is held in Nairobi, Kenya from 13 to 15 of October 2015. Additional side meetings for the Strategic Advisory Group, Cluster Coordinators and Information Management Officers are planned for 12 and 16 of October.

The objectives of the 2015 GNC Annual meeting are:

  • To review the work of the GNC in the past five years and identify challenges and bottleneck as well as endorse and launch key GNC documents
  • To provide a structured platform for discussions, sharing information and lessons learned from L3 and other countries from NCC, IMO and cluster partner perspective with an aim to improve coordinated response, information flow and learning.
  • To discuss the role of the GNC in technical nutrition work and provide a forum for presenting technical updates relevant to improving effectiveness of Nutrition in Emergency (NiE) response
  • To agree on the way forward with regards to the development of the GNC strategy 2017-2019

Meeting report

 Background documents for the meeting:

Presentations and related documents: Day 1

Session 1: Introduction, welcome, objectives and expectations – no presentation

Session 2: Update on GNC achievements, challenges and lessons learned 2010-2015 – ppt

Session 3: Update from Level 3/Level 2 emergency countries on performance of the Nutrition Cluster (ppt: Yemen, Nepal, Syria, Ukraine)

Session 4: Analysis and presentation of Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring conducted (South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Nepal, CAR, Afghanistan) and discussion of finding and recommended actions – ppt
Related documents: CCPM reports

Presentations and related documents  : Day 2

Session 5: Learning coming out from the GNC knowledge management project, three country case studies (ppt: overview, Somalia, South Sudan and Philippines)

Session 6: Market place:
IYCF technical capacities / new IYCF tools (SCI/UNICEF)
Coverage Monitoring Network
Other session documents to be uploaded if/when shared with the GNC-CT

Session 7: Presentation and discussion on the role of the GNC and country clusters in technical work – ppt

Session 8: Cluster transition – ppt
Related documents: Consolidated Learning and Best Practice on Nutrition Cluster Transitioning: , Case study Ethiopia, Case study Kenya, Case study Pakistan

Side session 1: Update on Inter-agency wok on Nutrition products and presentation of the preliminary data on RUTF alternative recipe survey – ppt

Side session 2: Launch of the CMAM report: presentation of the software – ppt

Presentations and related documents: Day 3

Session 9: Joint Nutrition and FSL Clusters accountability to affected population framework, actions and indicators – ppt
Related documents: Nutrition Cluster AAP framework, Example of AAP indicators against the IASC Commitments for Nutrition Clusters, Activity list for Cluster Coordinators to implement AAP commitments, Guidance for mainstreaming AAP and Core People related issues to the HPC

Session 10: GNC advocacy strategy – ppt
Related documents: Nutrition Cluster Advocacy Strategic Framework

Session 11: Information management toolkit – ppt
Related documents: status of the IM toolkit development

Session 12: Discussion on how to ensure that nutritional needs of older people are included in the cluster response – ppt
Related documents: Nutrition of older people in emergencies guidelines, surveys on nutrition of older people, articles on rapid assessment method on nutrition of older people

Session 13: SAM and MAM caseload estimates and links to programming – ppt

Session 14: Discussion and agreement on steps for drafting the next GNC strategy 2017-2019 (and wrap up of the meeting) - ppt

2015 GNC Annual meeting
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